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Kylie Horomia
MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow appoints two product specialists for growing market
Autogrow Team
What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)?
In the agricultural industry, words are often used interchangeably which ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow unveils OpenMinderTM – an open-source solution for water monitoring
29 August 2018:  Global AgTech innovator Autogrow has unveiled an ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Silicon Valley Executive Craig Elliott joins Autogrow
July 3 2018:  Entrepreneur and technology expert Craig Elliott has joined ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow welcomes technology focused CFO
June 18 2018:  Rod Britton has been named Chief Financial Officer at ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: New partnership to drive innovation in perennial fruits
14 March 2018: Agtech solutions company Autogrow and Plant & Food Research ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow opens virtual innovation community
8 February 2018: Autogrow has opened a virtual agtech and science lab and ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Over 32 trillion data points give growers solid environmental intelligence
17 January 2018: Autogrow, a leading global ag tech company, has announced ...
Autogrow Team
MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow launches Jelly – the first indoor-agricultural SDK
31 August 2017, Auckland, New Zealand: Autogrow has launched the first ...

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