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MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow recruits A.I. expert for forward thinking food solutions


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Autogrow has recruited Mpatisi Moyo Ph.D. as Head of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to further their strategy towards creating the digital farmer.

Working closely with the wider R&D team and alongside the Director of Agronomy & Crop Science, Dr Tharindu Weeraratne; Mpatisi will focus on yield prediction models and computer vision enhanced products.

“A.I. by itself is not enough to solve the larger issues across the industry. We see the value in the combination of biological science with modern cloud technologies creating value and insight for our customers. You can’t make improvements to crop growth without fully understanding the crop itself and all the variables that go into getting quality yield,” says Jonathan Morgan, Chief Technology Officer.

“Mpatisi’s background in statistical, biological and machine learning technologies will enable us to further extend our solutions and push into new and as yet undiscovered areas of Controlled Environment Agriculture.”

Mpatisi has worked across the health, government and corporate sector and is eager to find ways to assist growers with forecast revenue and harvest times.

“The experience Mpastisi brings will be particularly useful across our FarmRoad solution where the focus is on bringing together what can be incredibly broad and complex information in a format that is easy to understand and manage - especially for larger, global organizations,” explains CEO Darryn Keiller.

“His appointment as Head of A.I. represents our absolute commitment to leading the industry in the long-term development of cognitive services such as the virtual agronomist; leveraging vision, voice, language and critical knowledge; comprising genetics, environment and management.”




Kylie Horomia

Written by Kylie Horomia

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