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MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow welcomes technology focused CFO


June 18 2018:  Rod Britton has been named Chief Financial Officer at global AgTech company Autogrow to help drive its ambitious growth plans.

Rod has worked for over 30 years in technology-led businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe and the U.S. His experience spans operational, strategic and corporate finance as well as partnerships with Private Equity, Venture Capital and other external finance providers.

“I believe in a strong customer focus and understanding what they will experience.  This includes how we price something, the value proposition, how support is handled, and generally how the customer is handled through their time with us,” Rod explains.

“Autogrow has growers of every size, in multiple countries, growing different crops in a variety of different growing environments (greenhouse, protected cropping, indoors), and all of them have different challenges. The common language amongst them all is ‘financial’.”

“In the end we are solving the challenge of increasing the financial returns to growers, which could be through higher yields, better quality, reduction in waste, reduction in operating costs, reduction in natural resources or increasing the predictability of harvest. By improving these drivers of improved grower performance, the customer benefits and there is more food to go around when people want it.”


PHOTO: Rod Britton, Chief Financial Officer


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