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MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow launches Jelly – the first indoor-agricultural SDK


31 August 2017, Auckland, New Zealand: Autogrow has launched the first indoor-agricultural SDK (Software Development Kit), opening the door for a new revolution in the industry.

Called Jelly, this first SDK will form part of a group of software Autogrow will provide publicly on the world leading development platform Github.

“Jelly is the first step in raising agtech to the next level. For us this is about building a community for a new generation of growers who love to grow and hack the tech,” says Darryn Keiller, CEO of Autogrow.

“We are opening the door for 3rd parties to access our technology programmatically which has never been done in our industry and is just the beginning as we work our way towards our open source initiative.”

Traditionally agricultural providers utilise proprietary products and services which leave little flexibility for the growers to create their own solutions or connect them with existing infrastructure. Autogrow’s move will provide their customers access to the programmable layer of Autogrow’s Intelli product range. Other future products will follow suit.

“Growing crops is no longer just about dirt and seeds – it’s about tech and data. The most successful and sustainable growers embrace technology and utilise every opportunity to understand their growing environments,” explains Mr Keiller.

“Technology has a huge role to play in future food production but we can only really do that if we create an open environment where everyone is pushing hard to design better, more innovative solutions – regardless of who owns the IP.”

Autogrow’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeffrey Law, is the driving force behind Jelly and the various solutions the research and development team are currently creating.

“We came up with the name Jelly as it reflects that early incubation stage where everything is flexible, you can mould it in any configuration, it comes in different variations, and of course it’s quite tasty,” says Mr Law.

“For us it’s like a play area where we get to experiment and come up with original ideas. The biggest difference here is that we are opening the door to the play room and welcoming in anyone who wants to revolutionise the agricultural industry.”

Autogrow will monitor the progress of their Jelly SDK with availability via Github from 6 September 2017 -


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Established in 1994, Autogrow ( is committed to creating original ideas for agriculture – and making them a reality.

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