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MEDIA RELEASE: Autogrow announces global first API solution for indoor agriculture


15 July 2017, AUCKLAND, NZ – Autogrow has become the first of the established players to launch an API (Application Programming Interface) for indoor agricultural growers; greenhouses, vertical urban, containers, plant factories, offering access to data traditionally not available to them.

Called MyData(v0.2), this is the first release in a series of cloud-based solutions offering a universally accessible API to recent and historical growing data including light and relative humidity, wind speed, pH and EC. With a 24-hour data refresh and 180-day historical data available, growers will be able to utilise their information to discover operational insights or even custom-build or develop their own data solutions, services or apps without limitations.

“We believe the future of innovation for indoor agriculture is about exploring what is possible and then sharing those solutions. This first in a series of releases from our research and development team is part of Autogrow’s strategy to support growers with comprehensive tools that will get the best out of their businesses,” says Autogrow CEO Darryn Keiller.

“MyData has also been created for innovative technology developers who are looking to take it to the next level, build on our work and share it with the wider community. We believe that to advance innovation in indoor agriculture you have to take an ‘open source’ approach and get true collaboration happening across the industry.”

Autogrow has been working with a select group of growers to gain valuable feedback on the first iterations of the API and initial feedback has been positive.

“It inspires confidence to see Autogrow move in this direction as it shows the application is continuing to be developed towards a more open standard where the user has more control and access. For me this direction is great because I like to access my data in my own format. I will be able to set up an app that shows me only what I want to focus on and access it immediately without having to navigate through a large application, configure a report and exit again,” explained grower Craig Morris of The Berry Patch.

Future releases of MyData will include advanced analytics, prediction, real-time data, remote-control features and the ability to provide software developers the flexibility to develop custom functionality with Autogrow products.

The current version of MyData (v.02) is available on a trial release for Autogrow customers using the latest MultiGrow product.

Current key features (v.02):

  • 24-hour Data Refresh
  • 34 Metrics
  • Open Standard API format
  • 180-day History

Current benefits (v.02):

  • Data insights to greenhouse/CEA operation
  • Flexible data structure and model to shape and form the data any way best suited for the business.
  • Best-in-class interoperability (REST API), whether it's Excel, SAS, R, Matlab, Tableau, Knime, or any other API-Enabled tools.
  • Accessible anywhere in the world, whether it's PC, smartphone, or tablet


About Autogrow

Established in 1994, Autogrow ( is committed to creating and providing the most amazing solutions we can imagine to solve the world’s most difficult problems in producing crops.

With a global headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and growers and resellers in over 37 countries, Autogrow provides intelligent hardware, software and data solutions for single compartment environments through to large-scale fully-automated greenhouses.

Utilising a team of software designers, engineers and horticultural technology experts, Autogrow continues to push innovation boundaries to gain the best result for the growers.



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